Clyde Leather Co

Broadlie Works, Neilston, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, G78 3AB
Tel: +44 (0)141 881 4558
Fax: +44 (0)141 881 0522


Contact person: Richard Harris

Clyde Leather Company is a third generation split tannery specialising in high quality leather finishing in suede, pigment and industrial gloving. Our customers are manufacturers in various suede and leather goods market: including shoes, athletic shoes and dance shoes, dress wear items, bags, travel goods, industrial heat resistant wear, bookmarks and other products etc.

We also hold an extensive choice in print plates that allow us to produce various pattern finishes. We offer a bespoke service and have continued to improve our processes and quality over the years. We provide a contract dressing service

Our company and the suppliers we use are all fully REACH compliant

Minimum order: 500 feet

We produce suede and pigment ranging from 0.9mm to 3.5mm thickness.