Grants and Training

There is a wide range of financial assistance and grant funding available to support the leather industry in areas such as innovation, educational training, scholarships, travel awards and bursaries. Please contact the UK Leather Federation to discuss your individual needs or click on the links below which provide information on organisations who may be able to help.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
Created in 1990 by the Royal Warrant Holders Association as a response to the rapid decline in traditional crafts, QEST’s aim is to support the best of British craftspeople – retaining and developing essential craft skills.

In the past 27 years we have funded the education of over 400 talented craftspeople through traditional college courses, apprenticeships and one-on-one training with acknowledged masters in their field. Our work supports excellence in British craftsmanship, actively promoting the passing of skills to future generations and ultimately the sustainability of heritage skills in the United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit

Cockpits Arts

Cockpit Arts is an award winning social enterprise and the UK’s only business incubator for craftspeople, housing up to 170 small businesses at our two centres in central and south London.

We support craft practitioners at the start of their careers, as well as those who are more established, to grow and build successful and thriving businesses both in the UK and internationally. We work with a wide range of talented individuals, including master craftspeople, artist-makers, batch producers and more scalable businesses.

As a Social Enterprise we support talented makers by providing sponsored places at our incubators.

BLC Leather Technology

BLC delivers industry-leading leather training courses, workshops, and webinars through experienced and friendly experts, as well as bespoke corporate courses direct to your company.

BLC leather training courses:
• 1 Day Understanding Leather
• 2 Day Comprehensive Leather
• 4 Day Practical Leather Technology
• 1 Day Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain
• Half Day Managing Chemicals in the Leather Supply Chain
• Half Day Mould in Product

Leather Sustainability Conferences
In addition to the above leather training courses, BLC also delivers leading sustainability conferences in the UK and Hong Kong on an annual basis. For more information on upcoming events and training, view the BLC website here.