Our History

In 1908, a meeting was held at the Leathersellers hall, London, where the first national leather trade association ‘Federation of Light Leather Trades of the United Kingdom’ was formed. Today we are known as The UK Leather Federation and you can view a full time line of the historical changes that have been made by clicking here

Historically, The UK Leather Federation has supported predominately tannery members with advice, promotional opportunities and representation. However the UKLF board have recognised the growing need to support the whole of the leather supply chain, from processing raw hides to producing leather goods, and all businesses that work intrinsically within the leather industry. UKLF welcomes membership applications from tanneries, leather finishers, leather merchants, service providers, manufacturers and leather goods producers.

The UK Leather Federation recently launched a strategic review to promote sustainable growth of the UK Leather industry. To download a copy, please click here