About Us

The UK Leather Federation (UKLF) is the trade association for the UK leather industry. We are a membership-based organisation with the remit to represent, promote and protect the UK leather industry. Our key objective is to actively represent the interests of the UK leather industry as a whole, through the auspices of a focused, authoritative and influential body.

We seek to assist our members by lobbying government and other relevant bodies on legislative and trade issues and promoting and protecting the leather brand. We also use our membership of the CBI and COTANCE, the European Tanners Association, and collaboration with other trade associations, such as the UKFT, BATF and the BFA, to broaden and add strength to our own representations in the UK and Europe. Our priorities are industry-led through consultation with our members.

We provide a range of trade association services, including:

  • Membership support and information
  • Legislation and enforcement
  • Material/environment/trade/employment issues
  • Marketing of UK leather
  • Access to grant funding and trade discounts
  • Statistics and trading issues (veterinary certification/tariffs)
  • Regular newsletter

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Our Vision – Being the outstanding trade federation promoting sustainable growth of the UK leather industry.

Our Mission – Maximising membership value through the promotion, protection and development of research, innovation, training and education within the UK leather industry.