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2018 Young Leather Scientist Grant -Leather Research Grant Announced by IULTCS -
The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to launch the 2018 Young Leather Scientist Grant. This prestigious grant is to be awarded to a young ...
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The leather industry is often the subject of misinformation, misunderstanding and malicious falsehood. Incorrect and obsolete information about the leather industry continues to be published or broadcast on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines, even in reports from respected organisations, including the World Bank and the FAO. Campaign groups, often with anti-leather agendas, have used this material to further damage perceptions of the leather industry.

The 'Nothing to Hide' collection, created by World Leather Magazine, is designed to combat this head-on by sharing accurate, up-to-date information and explanations of how and why tanners and their upstream suppliers work the way they do.

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